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Program Features
A scene from Words for Work

Words for Work is a new engaging multimedia program that combines VESL (Vocational English as a Second Language) and ESP (English for Special Purposes) into one program.

Interactive Course features…

  • 21st Century media look and feel
  • Spanish language introduction to program (audio and text)
  • Blend of presentation styles targeting diverse learning modalities
  • Variety of engaging multimedia technologies such as video clips, audio exercises, resume builder and interactive safety game
  • Conversational narration via online host
  • Facile site navigation - mouse skills required; minimal keyboarding in resume builder
  • Colorful, culturally sensitive presentation
  • Workplace specific dialogues to build listening skills
  • Online controls allowing learner repetition as desired
  • On-demand language supports
  • glossary
  • "eye" icon - to read selected Spanish subtext (learning objectives and directions)
  • "ear" button - to hear English language vocabulary words and definitions
  • Gentle error correction - students asked to "Try again"
  • User tracking/attendance system
  • Special attention to critical workplace safety issues

Other features…

A scene from Words for Work
  • Strong English language gains. Words for Work students, on average, gain 5 points on the CASAS Test of English Literacy.
  • Comprehensive 100+ page Facilitator Manual that provides hour-by-hour guide to the online courses. ESL teaching tips and customizable worksheets for each hour of material.
  • SCANS Skills. Words for Work teaches the three-part SCANS Foundation in addition to the five SCANS Competencies. The three foundational skills address basic skills, thinking skills and personal qualities. The five competencies include using resources, working with others, acquiring/using new information, understanding inter-relationships, and working with technologies.
  • ISO Standards. WFW will help companies with significant populations of Hispanics to meet ISO standards and certification.
  • Learner assessment. A variety of learner assessment methods are used, including matching exercises, multiple-choice, click 'n drag, Cloze exercises, and true/false.
  • Program Pre-testing and Post-testing. Recommended assessments include the CASAS Reading and Math ETC test forms. Words for Work is designed for people who scored 190 (high beginning) to 210 (low intermediate on the CASAS. (This corresponds to NRS Levels 2 - Beginning ESL and Level 3 - Low Intermediate.) Individuals with higher skill levels have taken the course, have increased their English Skills, and have been very positive about the instruction they received. The BEST Tests and TABE are also appropriate.

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