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System Requirements
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Internet Connection
Words for Work courses are very dynamic and feature a lot of video and audio. It is important for users to have broadband Internet access to the courses. This could be one of several options: DSL, Cable or T1 line.

The minimum speed requirement is 1.0mbps for download and 128kbps for upload.

If multiple students are working with the materials in a computer lab, the lab will have to have a network structure available to allow all student and instructor workstations to share the broadband Internet connection.

Student Workstations
The following should be considered minimum requirements, with higher levels being preferred.


Windows 2000 or XP

Processor speed:

1Ghz or better


128Mb or better

Hard disk size:

10Gb or better

Other components:

Full-color graphic display card and monitor


Sound card and speakers/headphones


10/100Mbps ethernet network card


Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher


Macromedia Flash 6 or higher


Windows Media 8 or higher


Acrobat Reader

A scene from Words for Work

Instructor Workstation
If you are offering the course with a facilitator, it would be helpful for him or her to have a PC that is capable of displaying the course content and specific instructors-only elements. This PC can have the same specifications as the student workstations listed above.

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