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Words for Work
Words for Work

A scene from Words for Work

Digital Learning Group is committed to offering timely customer support via telephone for all Words for Work Products.

For support, please call 410.750.7320 during business hours to speak with a representative.

Be sure to check out the troubleshooting steps below as well. Many problems are easily fixed using these simple steps.


Words for Work offers an automated technical check that will ensure that your computer can maximize the resources on the site. Please visit http://www.wordsforwork.org/techcheck. If your computer needs plugins, the site will help you download them quickly and easily.

Screen "freezing"
Should Words for Work become unresponsive, click on the "reset" button that appears on each page of the online course. It is located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, above the "next" button. Alternatively, log out and back in to resume online activity. The Words for Work system retains your progress and you will be able to resume from your last point even in the event of a network problem.

A scene from Words for Work

Video "freezes" or will not play
It is strongly recommended that you use a computer lab with dedicated broadband access to the internet to ensure uninterrupted service. Words for Work takes advantage of the most sophisticated online tools and provides a rich array of educational media. This media has been produced specifically for an online delivery system to ensure the shortest possible download time. When students log into a lesson that contains video, that video begins to download immediately so that students do not encounter any disruption. If video downloads become a problem because others are on the network or the network is running slowly, encourage students to log in several minutes apart so that everyone is not trying to view video at the same moment. In rare instances when network bandwidth becomes too congested, we suggest that you use an LCD to project the lessons that contain video.

Other problems
If the courses are moving slowly or producing errors, there are several other steps you can take with your computer. Most times, simply logging out and back in solves the problems. Other times, it may be necessary to reboot the computer itself. If you experience consistent issues (especially problems that seems to be centered on a specific machine), contact your system administrator. Please see your system administrator to delete cookies and temporary internet files, which may be slowing things down. Because Words for Work is most frequently run in a public environment such as a shared computer lab, many residual issues from past use may affect performance. It is recommended that administrators reboot workstations before Words for Work sessions to help clear memory. It is also recommended for administrators to regularly maintain the workstations by checking for and removing viruses, unwanted temp files, programs, display and interface configurations, and spyware. Note: all computers need to be set to allow cookies for Words for Work to operate properly. Once any global changes have been made, you should run TechCheck again: http://www.wordsforwork/techcheck.

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